Best SEO Company In Nigeria

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Best SEO Company In Nigeria

I once built a website for a certain Microfinance Bank in Lagos. After two years, the bank approached me informing of their challenge of having the name of their bank appear as the first link on the front page of Google.

I was shocked! After two years!! And someone types your business name on Google and they can’t find you!!!

I was really beyond myself. If a bank cannot fix their own name as the first link to be indexed on Google front page then what else can they achieve?

Well, it wasn’t that the bank wasn’t making money.  Obviously they were doing a lot of physical marketing. But then, why waste a lot online opportunity that your website can bring you? Maybe if they succeeded in their online SEO effort they could have cut down on their marketing budget.

Do you seem to understand me? Yes, if you’re a business man (or business lady) you would certainly understand.

So fast forward, I took the job from the microfinance bank to fix their SEO issue. Before they could say ‘Jack’, I just went to their website database and changed a few codes.

In less than one week, the bank had their website on the first of Google front page each time they type the name of their bank.

In Just one week I fixed the SEO issue of the Microfinance Bank. The MD was shocked! And he tagged me the “Best SEO Company in Nigeria

Do you want to know what bank that was? Well I am supposed to hide that information but I’d give it out to you because the MD is now my best friend. Haha…

Just request in comment section and I’ll forward the evidence of that success to your mail.

Well, how much is your website losing for you?

Do you have a website and it is still not generating money for you?

Do you seem to have regretted having invested a lot in getting one?

I know the feeling because I have met many clients who have been in your shoes too.

What about budget, are you wasting a lot of marketing budget when you can save them?

Do you know what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization)?

Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t.

Either way it surprises me how many people invest a lot of time, effort and mostly cash to set up a website and think little of working on the SEO of their website.

The truth is you can’t really thrive on the internet without SEO.

A lot of people including professionals think little of SEO and are more invested in building a website.

But then, why pay a lot of money to open a shop that invites no customer.

Did you get that? Let me say that again….

Why pay a lot of money to open a shop that invites no customer?

In other words, who wants to build a website that doesn’t fetch money?

Remember, using our simple business formula, if we start to work together seriously from now, we can quickly position your business for greater success before the completion of the first quarter of the year 2019. I am willing to help.

I can help make a smart website for you and expand your market size on the web, if you would give us permission.

It is good you also note that we do not just build websites, we help our clients reach millions of people online and we can help you reach these people through our guaranteed SEO Service and social media efforts.

Thank you for your time – I look forward to working with you.



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