LONGRICH – Products, Price, Marketing & Compensation Plan

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LONGRICH – Products, Price, Marketing & Compensation Plan

Everything you need to know about Longrich. Longrich is a wealth creation business creation opportunity that has dominated the market in the production of Health Care, Cosmetic/Skin Care, Household Cleaning, Furniture, Real Estate business and many more products.

Starting Longrich business is a simple process. All you have to do is to choose an membership entry level plan and pay the required registration fee. The Membership Entry Level Plans are enlisted below

  Entry Levels Qualification RANKING REGISTRATION FEES (NGN)
1 Platinum – VIP 1680 PV Diamond 2 550, 000
2 Platinum – GOLD 720 PV Diamond 1 250,000
3 Gold 360 PV Pre-Diamond 150,000
4 Silver 240 PV Pre-Diamond 85,000
5 Q-Silver < 240 PV Pre-Diamond 45,000

Which Of These Membership Level Should You Choose?



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