Mens Suits UK – How Much Does a Good Suit Cost in Lagos, Nigeria?

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Men’s Suits UK – How Much Does a Good Suit Cost in Lagos, Nigeria?


Mens Suits UK - How Much Does a Good Suit Cost in Lagos, Nigeria


Quick Answer: I can help you find a good suit for 15,000 NGN. Affordable right? Where can you get that?


Wait a minute, don’t rush it, lets take some time and appreciate why a 15,000NGN is how much a good suit cost..


That quick answer is for readers who like to be in a rush.


Write us a comment and we would forward you the details you need. And please, kindly remember to hit the share button.



However, it will be fine if you read through this article to appreciate what a good suit is and why the above offer is fitting.


If you were somewhere else away from Lagos, Nigeria or even Africa a good UK suit would cost somewhere between $500 to $1000.


That goes to say a good suit could mean different things (based on brand, tailoring etc) to different people, but should fall within that range.


The more expensive a suit is the more better value you should expect depending on the brand.


Why does one UK suit cost 15,000 naira and another 150,000 naira?

The pricing differences lies in first, the fabric quality.


A little understanding of fabric quality would be useful here.


I’d teach you how to pick the grade quality by feeling it with your palms. That will give you a head start in making the right suit choice.


The construction of the suit is another factor which is the most difficult and important aspect to buying the suit.


The cost of a good suit is thus determined by the following factors:

  • The Fabric
  • The Construction
  • The amount of hand work in the suit and the tailoring


Men’s Suit UK Cost Pricing – Based on The Fabric

The following are the most popular fabrics that makes for a good suit: the wool, cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and velvet.


The wool is the most popular fabric for good suit.

Since it is a natural material it breathes in and breathes out easily.

It can be worn in the sunny or cool day.

The cashmere and worsted wool are good options of wool fabric durable and good quality suit. Hence, wool suits are usually costlier.



The cotton is another quality fabric for suit.

It is breathable like the wool but no fold easily.

They are very suitable for a less formal outing.



Suits made of linen fabrics are super light in weight and remain cool even in high temperature.

They however wrinkle and gets dirty easily.

They are good for less formal events but never for the office.



Polyester are of synthetic materials and are usually regarded to be of poor quality.

Hence they pay much lesser price.

They are usually blended with other natural materials like wool.



Silk are made from insects protein and offer superior quality than polyester. They can be worn in all weather.


Velvet are a blend of silk, cotton and nylon.

They are more suitable for dinner party and should be avoided in the office. It less aerated than silk.


Men’s Suit UK Cost Pricing – Based on The Construction

The construction of men’s suit men’s suit usually comes in any of these three forms: a full canvas, half canvas and fused canvas.


The full canvas is the top style in men’s suit construction.

It takes an experienced hand to carefully and masterfully craft it.

That explains why full canvas men’s suit would likely cost more.

A full canvas men’s suit has its canvas running from its shoulder to the end of the jacket.

Such full canvas men’s suit fit in with body even when the male body changes or grows.


The half canvased suit is the next level quality suit construction style after the full canvas.

The half canvas suit easily drapes to your chest without looking stiff.

This kind of men’s suit construction provides you with quality suit without costing you a fortune like the full canvas.


The fused canvas suit is such that the fusable lining of the suit is glued to the shell of the suit.

This glue falls off easily with time. It is usually the most common suit in the market. This comes with a far lesser men’s suit price.

Mens Suits UK Pricing - The Canvas

Mens Suits UK Pricing – The Canvas


Men’s Suit UK Cost Pricing – The Amount of Handwork and Tailoring

The amount of handwork involved and the tailoring also affect the pricing of the suit you purchase.

High end bespoke tailors give advice on style and fashion taste that affect the cost of the suit.

The time used in getting your suit ready and how much time and work the tailor has in his hand can also affect the pricing of the suit.


With this article I’m sure you have had a satisfactory answer to the question, “How Much Does a Good Suit Cost in Lagos, Nigeria?”Β 

I’m sure you feel more confident about buying a suit and not feel cheated.


Do you want to get high end, bespoke UK men’s suit? Then write us a comment and we would forward you the details you need.


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Why Our Clients Love Our Men’s UK Suit

We have absolute confidence that you will love the suit that we would refer to you.

Looking classy is a must, but paying to be classy can sometimes dig into one’s pocket.

We understand how you feel. we have taken the time to search through the Lagos market to find you the suit shop that best fits you without having to break the bank.

Here are some of the reasons many clients have found buying suits from us irresistible.


Cheap Suits in Nigeria

These suitsΒ  at 15,000 NGN are the cheapest suits in Nigeria and yet with a class that fits international standard.

Like you have read in the article above it can cost $500 to $1,000 to get a good men’s UK suit. That is roughly 150,000 NGN to 350,000 NGN. Woah, you would say!

There are still certain foreign suits that price for more than that. Some even getting close to $5000.Β  Yes, becoming classy is not cheap.

This article so far explains very much why that is is so.

In our part of the world, however, our pockets are not deep as in the foreign lands. We understand that.

That is why we here in DailySteer, are always on the lookout to help our readers to enjoy a pleasant daily life that suits their pocket.


Buy Suits Online In Nigeria

The interesting thing about this men’s Uk suit is that you can buy these suits online here in Nigeria.

Simply write us a comment and we would give you the details you need to get your men’s Uk suit anyhow (Online, in-person delivery, shop purchase) as you would want it.

Buying suits online in Nigeria is becoming the ideal way to shop considering the distance from different states.

It is also understandable that suits users have a busy schedule that makes hard for them to come straight to the suit shop to buy them.

The task of finding good men’s Uk suit shop is not very easy in Lagos or in Nigeria as the case may be.

Most of the known men’s Uk suit shops are costly and sometimes don’t very good fits for most people.


Tuxedo Suits in Nigeria

Tuxedo suits in Nigeria have become of increasing interest among Naija suit users.

There is no doubt that Tuxedo suits type are impressive, matured and are a perfect fit for an evening wear.

Tuxedo suits are mostly worn for special events and wearing them not only makes you look extra special, but speaks volume of how you feel about the event at hand.

Are you interested in getting Tuxedo suits in Nigeria? Are you a lover of good fashion? Then you might also want to try the Tuxedo suits.

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Wedding Suits in Lagos

Is it your wedding day or are you looking to wear a suit to a wedding event?

Weddings are a common place in Lagos and in Nigeria as a whole. Wearing a perfect suit to such occasion can be a gentleman thing to do.

If it is your wedding day then you sure need to look your best and if possible different from your invitees.

Making a good selections for a wedding suit can be sometimes be confusing.

Seeking an expert guide can be all you need to set yourself apart in that special day.

Write us a comment and we would get you the details you need.


Price of Suit

The price of suit can very much differ like we have come to explain in the article.

For most a 15,000 NGN men’s Uk suit has been the best price of suit for them.

Yes we understand your need and we have taken the extra step to get you the suit store that fits your need.

Write us a comment and we would get you the details you need.


Before I leave you however, I want to tell you about the latest, most fashionable, trendy and sought after suit that everyone in Lagos and Nigeria is taking about at the moment. I can see your eye widening and your lips salivating. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Wait for it! Hahha




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