Sisibox – Period Pad That’ll Take Care of You

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Sisibox – Period Pad That’ll Take Care of You

I feel sorry for a lot of ladies, even as a man, for the periodic pains that women go through due to their menstrual cycle.

It breaks my heart every time to see my girlfriend rolling, twisting and turning on the bed during her menstrual pain. As if watching her cringe all day is not enough sorrow, she would inundate me with calls, screams and cries all day. It actually feels like I’m going through the monthly hell with her.

To avoid this menstrual thorn in the flesh, I am a happy man when I get to learn of quality anion sanitary pad like Sisibox that alleviates the pain of women during their periods.

After testing out Sisibox Period pad on my girl I agree that Sisibox is the Period pad that’ll takes care of you.

As though menstrual pain is not enough stress getting the best feminine pad for you should not be either. Have you been wondering how best to take care of your period? Let head straight to the discussion on Sisibox sanitary pad.

Right in this article I am going to show you what makes this Sisbox unique, the health benefits, the types and how you can get one for yourself.


Protective features of Sisibox


Silk Cotton

Negative Ion Chip

Air laid paper

Extra Padding

Absorbent Polymer

Air-laid Paper

Breathable Bottom layer

Release Paper


Types of Sisibox Packs

Sisbox comes in two packs


Basic Pack
8 Anion Sanitary Napkins
2 Panty Liners
1 Ovulation Strip
and a Bonus/Cashback Voucher


Combo Pack
32 Anion Sanitary Napkins
8 Panty Liners
4 Ovulation Strip
and a Bonus/Cashback Voucher



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